Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chyla - Pleasing anonymous cock

Chyla needs to go for a piss and on the toilet of a petrol station she calls a girlfriend. Suddenly she sees a dick appearing through a hole in the wall. While she is still on the phone she takes the cock in her hand. When she gets horny enough to fuck she hangs up. Hmm, she lets herself fucked deep from behind. Suddenly the mysterious dick disappears again and with her face covered in sperm she leaves.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Marianne - Sweet gloryhole action

Marianne is reading a magazine on the toilet while she is taking a leak. Then her eye catches a stiff dick whick is looking at her questioningly through a hole. Without any hesitation she takes the strange man’s cock deep in her mouth. Her shaven cunt want some attention too so she has herself tickled deep inside her. After she has swallowed a glass of creamy milk it is off to school again!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Joke - Surprise gloryhole fuck

Joke is just in time to reach the toilet of a petrol station. She thinks the drawings on the walls are so remarkable she calls a girlfriend to tel her about them. But when a dick appears from a hole she gets so excited, she hangs up immediately and starts playing with it. Willingly she lets herself be fucked by this stranger and has her face covered in cream!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Simona - Smoking hot dick

Simonas doctor has forbidden her to smoke and her friends are always keeping an eye on her. So at the toilet of a petrol station she find a spot for a quiet smoke. Suddenly a giant dick appears. She likes to suck that as well! She inhales deeply, sucks the dick completely empty and has her wet cunt filled to the rim!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veronika - Brunette sucking

Brunette girl Veronika sucking a strangers cock trough a wall

A horny student feels lonely and she escapes the dorm she lives in. At a petrol station she buys a porn mag and withdraws to the toilet. She really gets into the mood when she sees a dick appearing through a hatch. Her mouth gets to work right away until she can feel her ass itching. That needs some thorough stretching! O my, doesn’t that make you thirsty... Hmm, hot milk!

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Petra - Surprised brunette

Surprised brunette girl Petra pleasing a big stiff cock orally

A brunette is applying her make up on the toilet when suddenly her mouth falls open in amazement... There’s a big dick sticking though the wall! Her first reaction is to push it away but the cock keeps coming back. Somehow it seems to excite her. She takes it deep into her throat and then has herself fucked outright. It’s going to be white eye shadow today!

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Veronica - Two gloryholes

Redhead Veronica gets surprised with two gloryhole cocks at once

Director’s secretary is on her way to a meeting and stops on the toilets to powder her face. A dick appears through a hole. But instead of getting a fright she pulls the balls out too! When a second dick appears there are no holds barred. While she jerks the first one off the second one impales her. Just spray her with some juicy eyeliner and it is back to work!

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Conchita - Ebony gloryhole

Ebony girl Conchita gets surprised with a cock trough a gloryhole

Virgin Conchita desperately needs the toilet and runs to a petrol station. While the piss is flowing from her cunt she sees a hand. Frightened she jumps up and suddenly a dick is staring at her! Hmm, a bit of practice in secret won’t harm anybody. She suck the strange cock but she wants to know what it feels like inside her too. After she is roughly deflowered she jerks him off until he comes...

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Simona - Sucks anonymous cock

Simona sucks anonymous big cock trough a gloryhole

Simona is so horny that she pulls over at the first petrol station she sees and finds the toilet. She starts masturbating right away and when a dick sticks through the wall she isn’t even surprised. After a short period of jerking and sucking she turns around and shove him deep into her asshole. All fucked through and filled up the little slut goes home again...

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